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Working with you to ensure access to quality health care.

For the welfare of its participants, and to ensure uniform coverage, Internships Colombia have developed a travel insurance plan through Inter Hannover and Compass Benefits Group. This travel insurance is available for all participants on their programs and all nationalities are covered.

Please note that insurance is compulsory for all programs. If you do not have a current travel insurance plan in place, we strongly advise you to purchase this insurance coverage. Coverage must be maintained throughout the entire program duration. You may purchase coverage directly from this website by clicking on the “purchase now” button.

These plans provide health and accident coverage, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as political and natural disaster coverage. You will have an option of a Standard Plan or an Enhanced Plan. See the brief overview of coverage below to find the option that best fits your needs.


The cost of the insurance is only $1.05 per day for the Standard Plan and $1.32 per day for the Enhanced plan. When you enter in your insurance start and end dates on the application form, you will see the total cost of the insurance quoted to you before you make your purchase.


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