How to Use the Insurance

Overview of Claims Processing









Insured students will need to submit a claim form within 90 days of the doctors/hospital visit. The Providers should accept the insurance and submit the claim directly to the claims office.

For any claim form the insured is submitting, please advise them to keep a copy of their claim form and all corresponding invoices and bills for their records.

Hospitalization - Emergency Situations
In case of hospitalization, the insured must notify Seven Corners, Inc., immediately at: 800-690-6295.

Completing a claim form:
1. The claim form must be completed by the Insured in full to be considered for Medical Expense Payment.

2. Fully itemized bills including Claimant’s Name and Nature of Illness/Injury must be included with the claim form.

3. Advise the insured that a description and charge for each service provided is be listed on the receipt.

4. The claim form must be signed and dated in all applicable sections. In most cases, two signatures are required.

5. In order to expedite the claim process, please do not send bills without a completed claim form.

6. If you have other bills, such as medicines, x-rays or laboratory charges, be sure to attach these original itemized bills to the claim form. KEEP COPIES OF ALL CLAIM FORMS, BILLS AND CORRESPONDENCE FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS UNTIL YOUR CLAIM HAS BEEN PROCESSED.

7. The claim form, and all attachments, must be submitted to:

Seven Corners, Inc.
Claims Department.
303 Congressional Blvd.,
Carmel, Indiana 46032
Fax: (+01) 317-575-2256 Email:

Documents required for submitting a claim are as follows:
Claims documents may be submitted via postal mail, fax or email attachment to:
Seven Corners, Inc. Attn. Claims
303 Congressional Boulevard
Carmel, IN 46032 United States
Fax: (+01) 317-575-2256
Call:800-335-0477, or 317-575-2656